Over the last weeks we have received outstanding reviews for our Autumn 2014 titles. Some of the highlights are featured below:

Seeing Butterflies – New Perspectives on Colour, Patterns & Mimicry by Philip Howse

Review by Michael McCarthy in The Independent, 2 December 2014

“Exquisitely illustrated … It is not only a beautiful book to look at, but it has the exhilarating feeling about it of discovery. It is indeed not like all the other guides, and many of Britain’s growing band of butterfly lovers will want to own it.”

Another wonderful review for this title was published on the Small Woodland Owner’s Group blog on 13 December 2014: “This is a thought-provoking, perception challenging, exquisitely illustrated work that should appeal to anyone with even a passing interest in butterflies and moths.”

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Irreplaceable Woodlands – Some Practical Steps to Restoring our Wildlife Heritage by Charles Flowers received a lovely review in the February issue of BBC Wildlife Magazine: “Flower inspires us to preserve our ancient woodlands, because their intertwined natural and human histories make them unique.”

The Newbury Weekly News published a review with a reader offer on 20 November 2014: “In this beautifully-photographed record of an educing ancient woodland, the author of the highly esteemed 2008 book Where Have all the Flowers Gone?, has produced a stunning and resourceful guide”

The book received a glowing review on UKNature Blog on 21 November 2014: “This truly is a masterwork and an absolute joy to read. It blew me away with its depth and breadth and sparkling photography … the photography throughout is top-notch and the publisher has done it justice with loads of full page images, luxuriously printed. All in all this book is a treasure that has taught me a huge amount”

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Wonders of the Plant Kingdom – A Microcosm Revealed by Wolfgang Stuppy, Madeline Harley and Rob Kesseler was featured in the January issue of the RHS publication The Garden:

In the January issue of BBC Wildlife Magazine, the botanist Phil Gates praised the book:  “Captivating … The authors inspire you to reach for a hand lens to explore the intricacies of flowers for yourself.”